Terms and Conditions

Safety rules and terms and conditions

Please read these before you participate

Zorb strike is a high impact game,the ball displaces the impact so you should not hurt your self when you get knocked over
You may experience scrapped knees (if wearing shorts) from getting up once youve been knocked over
You must wear your harness your instructor will adjust to suit your height and frame
You will be supervised at all times
All participants must be over 9 years old
Maximum weight 130 kg (20.5.stone)
Tie long hair up, tuck necklaces away, remove big earrings
Please remove chewing gum as its a choke hazard
Empty your pockets
Any verbal or physical abuse to your instructor will result in the termination of the game with no refunds offered
Anyone thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to play and your payment will be kept
You can not play zorb strike if you are or possibly think you are pregnant, or have a back or neck injury

Zorb Strike

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